"Cant See In" lyrics - YEAT

"Cant See In"

[Lyrics from Snippet]

I just left the bank with a hunnid bands inside my bag
How the fuck you sign a deal and all you got was a hunnid bands?
Everytime I'm steppin' out in public they want a picture with me
I can't trust nobody, can't trust a soul, I keep lil' blicky with me
Half these bitches sniffin' on that white, they sniffin' on Tiffany
Pulled up in that big body, can't see any, you can't talk shit to me
I don't know you, I don't know me
Different color diamonds every time I fuckin' speak
Had to take a break from X but I been on it this whole week
I threw a couple Perkies down lil' bitch it got me sleep
I been fighting with my demons, I been punching in my sleep
I wake up-