"Perfect Vision" lyrics - YEAT

"Perfect Vision"

[Lyrics from Snippet]

Diamonds on my eyes, I got perfect vision (Hiheartz, Ooh-ooh)
I got thirties coming in, I got good prescription (Yeah)
Yeah, twizz' been flying packs, he been servin' chickens (Hey, hey)
I just bought the Hellcat, bitch, it came with wishes (Skrrt)
We don't rock with nobody, bitch, I'm with my twizzies (Yeah)
Put the Perc' inside my soda, getting fizzy (Hey, yeah)
Lil' shawty pulled up on me, that's my bizzy (Woah)
I mixed the X with the Percs, it leave me dizzy (Yeah)
Mob ties (Yeah, yeah), mob ties, we got hundred goons
I'ma monster, monster, pull up on me, suck up on me
Yeah, we gon' run from the cops today 'cause I don't got nothing on me (Yeah, copper)
Yeah, he be rockin' with the his bae, but it not your homie

Label called me up, they said, "You can't drop it," so it's fuck 'em (Fuck 'em)
They tryna ride the wave, they riding dick, bitch, so it's fuck 'em (Yeah, fuck 'em)
I don't rock with nobody, I rock with me and my twizz, that's it (That's it)
I got a whole lotta money coming in all day, it's real, no counterfeit...