"Crashed Dat Bitch" lyrics - YEAT

"Crashed Dat Bitch"
feat. Lil Uzi Vert

[Lyrics from Snippets]

[Chorus: Yeat]
Riding in that Tonka, you can't see me with no plate, ha (Damn, Trgc made that?)
Fuckin' on your thottie, yeah, I hurt that bitch's back
Yeah, this a big body, this Mercedes, this not no Scat'
I said, "Fuck that lil' old Masi'," go two hundred, then I crash, ha
Bitch, I'm off these pills and I crashed out
First, I crack the seal and then I pass out
Why you tryna jack the swag? You can't jack my style
Pull up, yeah, Lamb', yeah, shmunked it out (Bah)
Yeah, riding in the Bentley, yeah, the Bentley truck
Yeah, they said to change my ways but I don't give no fuck
Fuck, I crashed that bitch, I-, fuck
I pulled up, then I-, fuck
Yeah, fuck
I don't give no fuck
We don't give no fuck
Yeah, fuck, yeah-yeah, fuck

[Verse: Lil Uzi Vert]
Fuck, I don't give no fucks at all (Fuck)
Yeah, take a bad pill, this a [?] though (Fuck, what?)
She wanted to meet me her whole life, and then she reeked it off (Let's go)
Talking 'bout my clothes, pants, and my draws (Fuck)
That bitch thought she broke me, what she got is like a Sensy ball (Fuck)
Why is my new bitch like, "Bring new Yen"? Just like a broken jaw (Huh?)
Matter of fact, just gave her cash, 'cause it ain't no tax involved
Bitch, I'm high, geeked out my ass, no perm, I can't relax at all (Uh-uh)
I don't give a fuck 'bout no, um, pussy, 'cause I am a nasty dog (Yeah)
Pulled up in a yellow Lamb'...