"Hollon" lyrics - YEAT

feat. Yung Kayo

[Lyrics from Snippet]

[Verse: Yeat]
How you fed up with these racks? (Yeah, hey)
Fuck the thottie, take her back (Back, back, back, back, yeah)
You stack the Benjamins inside the bag (In the bag)
911 inside the Porsche (Swerve)
Bitch stuck up, yeah that bitch a brat (Brat, brat)
It's to city to city, I'm tourin' (Swerve)
Bitch I fed and had a rack uptake (Skrrt, lil' M)
Yeah, pockets swollen (swerve), yeah (Skrrt)
X, Rollie, pollin'
Flawless, diamonds, big face Rollie
[?] on passenger bag with a Glock in it
I don't be trusting nobody, I ain't stopping shit
Pull up, I pull up, I pull up, I'm poppin' shit
Yeah, I skrrt inside of the Benz (Swerve)
I'm fuckin' that thot and her friends
Yeah, I [?] that bitch came from [?]
Fashion week, we out in France

[Verse 2: Yung Kayo & Yeat]
Pockets feel cheap (Cheap)
The Gat on my leg, know it's real (It's real)
I got that [?]
This boat need a quick fix just like it's a Nic'
I'm [?] you, forgiving rats (Swerve)
We in the whippet the way you know how I caress (Skrrt)
[?] in the Holst'
When you in way, I know you can not hold on
Me and you catch up with your ho (Really)
DHL deal come with a odor (Odor)
[?] for Perri' in the Rover
She [?] the way up with the stick, it's a mop (Mop)
[?] like my buddy, I clubbed up the...