"How U Luv That" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"How U Luv That"
feat. Big Sant

Shit, I got the hook up, bitch
What you know 'bout this?
Old school my whip
King Tut my wrist
I got the hook up, bitch
What you know 'bout this?
I put on my clique
Hoes on my dick
How you love that?
I got the hook up bitch
What you know 'bout this?

[Verse 1: Big K.R.I.T.]
Fuck what you heard, ho, they know bout the Krizzle
The Chevy on four Pirellis with the pole in the middle
I break a ho if she brittle, pimpin' hot off the griddle
Cluckin' bustas freakin' and fuckin' for nothing
So how you figure I was tricking off?
Candy paint my Caddy frame don't be ashamed to lick it off
Hail Mary some game to a dame and you can't pick it off
Off the chain (Hoo!) I can't sic it off
Time and time again I try and tell them let me kick it off
And bang on it, I put these lames on it
It ain't Multi if ain't put my name on it
Make that kinda track and put a train on it
Styrofoam, purple rain on it
Fresh up out the cleaners, my demeanor, not a stain on it
Reign on it, put some chains on it, bet the game on it
My woofer beat to the frequency that a bitch done came on it
Pinky ring on em, chinchilla get hanged on the floor
I leave a bitch fiending for some more


[Verse 2: Big SANT]
Yeah, B-izza G SANT, biatch
Young trill nigga, ho you know just what I be bout
Time to take off them T tops, we on that, like banners
Man hold up, my car older than your favorite rapper
This that shit that they should capture on film
Lights camera action, life
Bitch my pimpin' 1080p, without a satellite
Why niggas ain't acting right, talkin' 'bout who run the South
They know it's us
They sick and ain't no Robituss to help 'em out
I been official, big dawg in the yard
Voted most likely to murder every verse that I start
So as soon as I park and I hop on that ride
Better leave with your bitch, 'fore I'm off in her mouth
'Cuz I'mma big timer rhymer, no co-signers around for you
If I ain't make that clear let me break it down for ya
They lame (yeah), we not (yeah), see us (yeah) on top (yeah)
Alumni forever ever bitch
They know