"WTF" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.


I wrote a poem the other day
The punch line is 'What the fuck we gon' do now?'
'Cause you gotta ask yourself
That it's always a situation you get yourself in you'll be like damn
What the fuck I'm gon' do now?

When the world turns upside down on my head
And I can't sleep no longer, eat no longer unless it's a full course meal
I'm tired of boiling water, that cook noodles that cost a quarter
What about steak and veal, I'd like to pay all my bills
None the Lord, but struggle I feel
My heart's too cold to warm your soul
My eyes are too closed to see your goals when I can barely see mine
Some are saying I'm blind to the fact when
Really I'm just blind by all these LED lights on your Benz
That make me feel less of a provider 'cause I can't splurge when I spend
It ain't world wide when I trend, shopping for hand me downs
Second nature tags for those pants we found
At the flea market, checking for a plea bargain on this shirt
Perhaps you got some work
I ain't talking about nine to five
More like soaking drive, baking soda powder pies
I can bag up anything you fry
If you got a ticky I can sell anything you buy
No harm done my brother, perhaps if I sell to you
And you sell to them then
We never sell to one another
Preach on if you must, two things to remember
Don't tell on me and don't use your own product
'Cause that will surely thrust you into the abyss
Longing for things you miss, stuck in the 1980's
Talking about you Prince, ain't nothing appealing about laying in your piss
And walking in shit
Come up off your hustle, we can ride clean if we sell double
Then them laws coming we fall victim
To the stereotypical big rims fly niggas on the wrong side of town
Blowing loud, double cup, both windows down
That's when I look at you and you look at me
And we ask ourselves, what the fuck we gonna do now?

What the fuck we gonna do now?
What the fuck we gonna do now?
What the fuck we gonna do now?
What the fuck we gonna do now?
What the fuck we gonna do? What the fuck we gonna do?
What the fuck we gonna do now? What the fuck we gonna do?
What the fuck we gonna do? What the fuck we gonna do?
What the fuck we gonna do now? What the fuck we gonna do now?

I scoped her from a mile away
More enticed by her hips, I should say
I didn't see her face until I was front and center
Spitting that kind of game that was fundamental
Yeah I'm baller as such
After she removed her clutch from the seat it occupied
That checker board pattern had once again monopolized
That the Louie, her taste was one of those labels
And her story was one of her fables that I heard as a young child
That everything that glitters ain't gold
And some tigers are better left wild
But that never stop me, and her ring won't stop her
As we sip more alcoholic beverages on the roof tops of seduction
Her peanut butter skin blushing with lustful hues
To the bathroom she was again asked to be excused
I think she abuses the substance
But who am I to judge her want to lose her inhibitions
Then wipe away her past to free fall into existence
I know that feeling so we quarter the night away as two lonely strangers
Intertwine and entertainment in the spiral of cat and mouse
I'm ready when you are to hit the room
To be consumed in your sunshine
Let's pretend this ain't the first time
Let's pretend I am your man
Let's pretend we both clean and we know it
Perhaps I don't do this often
Perhaps you ain't out here ho'in
Maybe this was meant to be
Maybe you're the very woman God sent for me
In the morning surely I doubt it
More regret the fact I planted my seed in your green house and it sprouted
My mind was too cloudy to comprehend your decision
Two months later your stomach will grow from my adulterous conviction
Your husband will surely put 2 and 2 together
That one night when you didn't come home it last forever
And we can never let this down, your phone call was so profound
'Cause he kicked you out and your pregnant, so?
What the fuck we gon' do now?