"R.E.M." lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.


I don't know about my dreams
I don't know about my dreams
All that I know is
I'm falling, falling falling, falling
Might as well fall in
I don't know about my dreams

In a room full of tight stares
Was LFU a dream or a nightmare
How dare I rap about my real life
Good Lord I gave my all but this don't feel right
Jiggaboos'll minstrel you but never me
Blackface my black face could never be
Sambo my camos say otherwise
The revolution of minds will never televise
One album I'm still kicking
Def Jam, tell 'em I'm still with it
Tell 'em I'm still winning, tell 'em I'm still in it
Next time I drop a bomb, I swear I'mma kill niggas
No pause is needed, I swear I don't feel niggas
Snakes is in my front yard, I swear I'mma deal with 'em
All that still hear me, pray that they still get it
I feel like I failed y'all, it's hard to live with it
My dreams


I don't know about my dreams
'Cause I'm more spiritual than lyrical
Produced my whole album, nothing short of a miracle
Was I wrong to be so heavy-hearted?
I refuse to give up what I started
For false awards and cover boards in every store
A different shore is a bore when all my people poor
Yeah there's some broads galore but yeah I wanted more
Fuck a reality show, I'd rather do a tour
I'd rather crowd surf
Before I live as if God ain't real, I'd rather die first
Bury me inside a cemetery
Remember me as just a visionary
I'm more Geronimo Pratt than OG Bobby
They love the fact you made it but hate the fact you got it
The stairway to Heaven is packed, I'm in the lobby
Too scared to go to sleep 'cause most times I often doubt my dreams