"Only One" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Only One"
feat. Smoke DZA & Wiz Khalifa

You thought you were the only one ballin'
You thought you were the only one slabbed out
You thought you were the only pimpin'
In the V.I with the broads and they ass out
You thought you were the only one...
Naww playa..
You thought you were the only one...
Naww playa..

[Verse 1: Big K.R.I.T.]
Now I apply pressure, yessuh, gold on my dresser
Effortlessly perfected this pimpin' to the neck up
And with it, I can dress up, any pro into a pretzel
Figure 'fore she figure more dick might destroy her vessel
Mo'-mo'-most not the lesser, it's how I judge my worth
'Cuz the last time I tripped ova pussy was probably at my birth
And the last time I didn't pop my trunk was probably at my church
But as soon as I left the parking lot, I maxed it out till it burst
Wood grain in my wheel, princess cut in my grill
Butter fly my steak, shrimp and lobster on chill
Do it how I feel, cuz doin' what you love won't hurt ya
Plus an L7 could never understand the complexity of my circle
Or the dynamics of a twerker, or the inner workings of a squirter
Its like chemistry with this codeine, two parts cup one purple
3 more time that's charm, bad bitch on my arm
Come and go as I please, whole world in my palm


[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
Chocolate-chip cookies on my tray
True stoner I get high just as sure as the sun come up to light up the day
A real boss up in the game don't have to pay to play
We burnin' down come smoke a pound I'm just a flight away
I earned the right to say I'm rich off what I write today
And stickin' to my cheese like a microwave
Broke niggas they don't like us they don't wanna fight
Shout out to Max cuz you could never ride the wave but me I got the title
OG kush in my joint, Ooo, all my niggas on point, Ooo
Ride around reppin' that gang, T.G.O.D. come join
You niggas do a show there and don't get no love
I sell a hundred thousand tickets when I show up
They say the game done changed
Well that mean, you need to change too
And stop with all that fuckin' hatin
'Cuz that's what motherfuckin' lames do

[Verse 3: Smoke DZA]
You ain't the only nigga gettin' money got it down to a science
Big nigga, bank teller, think I play for the Giants
Dead fresh, walk by and get a moment of silence
Don't be mad because we livin' dog, be mad at the Mayans
Riding deciding live maine or peeking
Who said hustlers can't be king
Wrists got crowns on 'em bad hoes is beasting mista
Slide the first day, instant upgrade
Thompson my jacket, Black Label my denims
Very rare my kicks, this petty cash that I'm spendin'
With the rich folks bout to blend in
Got a obsession for this game Bob Lemon
Gangsta, hustla, shit I bleed it, keep these niggas heated
I don't do reservations I walk in and get seated
Best believe it this harlem kids the meanest
Trippy stickin' at the table smell the smoke but they don't see it

[Hook x1]