"Meditate" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.


It's now my privilege to introduce your main speaker... [clapping]
Hey, I'm Big K.R.I.T. and I'm a meditator [Hey!]
It wasn't easy to come in today, but I'm here
I just wanna meditate

I don't wanna hear what I've done wrong
I'll deal with my problems when I get home
I'm better off when I'm all alone
I know I said I'd stop but I'm not that strong
I just wanna meditate

[Verse One]
Said it with this glass of liquor pouring out my spiritual guidelight
Take me to the other side
Who ever said escaping your problems with empty bottles
Would only delay them til tomorrow? Yes was surely right
When the world said fuck ya, how would you reply?
No need to whisper how you feel, this is you and I
I paint pictures of hieroglyphics compared to most rap niggas
But I be over looked, so I just let it slide, let it die, how can I
Be so stupid to tell you this wasn't real
Be so eager to tell ya just how I feel
But lets be honest, the real reason I'm here
To be clear I was never the man of steel
I fell victim too many times to count
Too many times I've died, too many things I doubt
Not enough love in my house, my house is not enough
It's filled with pointless things and those things keep piling up
Those things'll leave you crushed if they fall
To be real I don't think you feel me at all
Can you hear me at all? can you steer me at all?...to the liquor store


[Verse Two]
How can I stop, when I'm too far gone
To get back where I came from
I was searching for some answers at a bar with some dancers
And I found out there really ain't none
And the bottom of my glass is just as empty as my last
Encounter with my friends and my loved ones
All my ex's hate my guts, cuz when I finally call them up
They know that I just wanna fuck some
I apologize, for what? I don't know
Too many times I did it and it shows, I feel it in my soul
There's a burning in my stomach and it's churning in slow
And it grows every time I hit a low
If you high I was hoping we could roll
If you fiending for a drink, let me pour
If you riding maybe we can go
Before they close - to the liquor store


So I sit here, and I think back on all the things I wanted in life and all the things that I've accomplished
I'm more fulfilled then I ever have been before
I still lose - I've still lost, but I love, and I'm living
There's nothing better in this world than to be for sure
And I'm sure - I'm sure enough in what I do, and how I do it
There's a lot of people around me that believe in me
And I depend on them to see me through this - this life of mine
Lets hope this journey that we take
All these moves that we make
Are the right ones...while I meditate