"Anti-Hero" lyrics - BLEEDING THROUGH

(Brandan Schieppati / Bleeding Through)

I want to suffer, I need to feel the pain and discontent
Just to see how frail you really are
So what do you expect? Simple respect?
I want to know why the **** you're really here
Why are you here?
Empty, no I'll never be
Ten years undying disease
Through frustration and loneliness I have built what you'll never achieve
No fear or failure
You'll never taste what I've grown to know
I'll always fight for my existence
Eternally chased by wolves
I'm still not impressed by the ******* things you do
I'll end you one at a time
You'll never mean **** to me
You're just spoon-fed arrogance
Erase you from my mind
I'm not content to let you see me burn and fail
You'll have no satisfaction
So step aside, son, before you get erased
Still cold the blood that courses through my veins
I've seen enough of you, so walk away
I've heard enough of you, ******* go away