"Drag Me To The Ocean" lyrics - BLEEDING THROUGH

"Drag Me To The Ocean"
(Brandan Schieppati / Bleeding Through)

Bury me, I've gone too far this time
I've crashed my heart, this time I crossed the line
Don't want to go forth, just want to close my eyes
Wake up the ghost, shake their lives
I feel the rope around my neck
Dragging me down to the depths
Where my dreams have rolled to the unknown
Stop and weep for it, my dying carcass
Now I'm standing right in front of you
Now see the strain in my face, pressure is getting heavy
Disappointment is best served cold
These are my dying wishes
Fulfill my dying wishes
Destroy your dreams of vanity
You're digging further into failure
Stand and stare at this
Your wretched carcass
Through the years your life will drown with me
Erase your hope of purity
Now you'll waste away with me