"Slow Your Roll" lyrics - BLEEDING THROUGH

"Slow Your Roll"
(Brandan Schieppati / Bleeding Through)

This sinking feeling in your soul will forever haunt you till you rot
Disgusting apathy, no freedom from suffering
Impossible lack of interest
Devoid of faith and all emotion
You're just a shell of what you could have been
Your aspirations will never come true
Nobody follows, nobody cares about you
Do you really expect this arrogance to infect and prey on the blind?
Everything turns grey no sign of humility
You're just following old footsteps of greater men to steal identities
Take a look in the mirror things aren't what they seem
You're just a shadow of everyone you want to be
Now your skin is transparent
Revealing yourself to me as a fake
I see right through you
Your only hope is to prey on the weak
This is a ******* insult if you think you can threaten what we have built
Is this you're best attempt? You have more to prove if you want to take this crown
You can't take this crown