"Breathing In The Wrath" lyrics - BLEEDING THROUGH

"Breathing In The Wrath"
(Brandan Schieppati / Bleeding Through)

Nothing is over, you just can't turn it off
Nothing is over, you just can't make me stop
I've faced this ugly truth motivated by negative disdain
Nothing is over, you just can't turn this off
Hold onto the darkness, the worst is charging forth
Lifeless and cold, exhale this smoke and mirrors
Wrath of lies are being told, how much more can I disagree?
Breed this army of slaves to lead them to their ******* knees
You're not alive, another product of humanities greed
One nation breathing in fear
You can't ignore what you can't understand
People hate what they can't conquer
Take the devil's hand
How much more can I despise? I was never good enough for you
See the weakness in your eyes, I'll struggle for this one more time
I was never weak enough for your standards, your status quo, your life
I won't bow down to your ego, in my eyes you're not even alive