"Distortion, Devotion" lyrics - BLEEDING THROUGH

"Distortion, Devotion"
(Brandan Schieppati / Bleeding Through)

I carved these thoughts into my walls
Covered in black praying, they would transcend to you
And I've been to the place where all the lonely souls dwell
Bringing me closer
One step closer to hell
Look into the sunlight
Before a plunge into oblivion
Please don't tell me I've lost it all
Solution hanging off the edge don't let me slip and fall
I've walked this earth where life is stale
Dragging me closer one-step closer to hell
Look into the sunlight
As I crawl back from regrets
I don't lack the strength to move on
And I'll fight off the strain that tries to pull me back
Fight off temptation I'm never going back
I'll take this breath and I'll say these words to you
Don't want to let this go nothing remains in this life I know
All my failures are my great escape away from you
The poisonous world
I erase my life for this false sense of security
And I've killed my love for you
Forget me please forget me