"Bartender" lyrics - CAPPADONNA

feat. Rush

[Chorus 2x: Rush]
Bar-ten-der, let me buy a round for all my ladies
Bar-ten-der, let me see what's kickin' game can do

Yo, the first night I seen ya, I admit
Girl you had a thug on some "i'mma buy ya shit"
Mama, if you need spice, I can re ya up
I can be your sugar daddy, ice a g and up
Or I can be that lost love missing in ya past
Or that tingle on your tongue dippin' in ya glass
Sittin' like a billboard, modeling the kiss
Buy a shot of crys', a bottle for your click
Followed by the slide in the leather hummer seat
Any words given to ya, promise I'mma keep
I'mma stay a thug, any drama found
Guaranteed to hold my momma down
I can make ya wrist freeze quicker than a cop
Lose me when your close, sick of when you're not
Liquor in the drop, rubbers in the glove
Bubbles in the tub, now show a nigga love

[Chorus 2x]

I love it when I'm wit a fly chick
Skin so pretty and an ass so thick
I'm always in the club, I ain't worried bout shit
Dipped on the regular, you see me with a bitch
Even if I'm smoked out, I can't be scoped out
Drink for the ladies when I pull my notes out
Dressed in ya tight ass shit, the nipples is poked out
Honeys lips was glossy, order the Henny's in the glasses that's frosty
You never lost me, I was crushing them other hoes, what you expect?
When you see me at shows, cracking mad bottles of Mo'
See act cobra, she really freaky
She look good, but she really sneaky
Hit 'em with the apple martini, that's creepy
Until she gets sleepy, that's my agenda
Aiyo, bartender, order a round for the hoes that's going down

[Chorus 2x]

Yo, now the question at hand, is, can I be ya man
Take you to the beach, have sex in the sand
The body should be banned with ya honey glow and tan
If time is money, honey, you're worth a gram
See I can make you love me, love me long time
Can my tongue tangeray, and how I bump and grind
The pleasure's all mine, forever and a day
My foreplay is like a torpe', when I jay
Fiesta, you got the look, I wanna know better
Bartender, every one Henny and Amaretto
On the house, cuz this could be my future spouse
Got me cheesing the cheese, like the cat and mouse
But no doubt, I get the job done like Big Daddy
And we can both gangsta lean in mean caddy
'Cuz you'se a fatty, and I'mma fill ya cup
'Cuz I wanna sex you up

[Chorus 4x]