"Criminal Mind" lyrics - CAPPADONNA

"Criminal Mind"
feat. Killah Priest, KMC & Rush

[Killah Priest]
I fought off dragons with large wings, boxed dragons
Dressed as a gladiator, inside God's ring
The hearts of kings were eaten by the beast
Their flesh hung from their teeth, my right arm under his feet
My left arm pulls the gun, from out of the sheet
Blasted his stomach, body tumbled all over the streets
I heard trumpets, God hand brought me to my feet
My G., we resting five devils over the five boroughs
Broke the walls, into the tri-boroughs
Going through the ocean floors, going through the walls
Going through the malls, we just brawl and brawl and brawl and brawl
He went for my Adam's apple, blood splashing all over the tabernacle
Pull out swords, I got saws, he grabbed his gun, then I grabbed gats too
Start clapping, he collapsed and look what the mack do

We tough in the physical, tough in the spiritual
Watch it boy, you get dropped for the ritual
I pray to lord, to bless my soul
You come too close, our thoughts is cold
We're rough with the AK, so if you not
Make way, some of these get murdered
We rough with the fo-fo, so what we argue for?
Bust mine, somebody get murdered

Yo, it's New York in effect, it's time to get ill
Survival of the fittest, this is shit is for real
I've been sleeping all day, now I'm finally woke
And I selling no crack, and I slinging no dope
I'm a frontline nigga, stuck in the grind
Yo before I couldn't see, 'cause I used to be blind
Now I'mma smoke weed nigga, rock my shine
Lick a shot for The Punisher, and pop my nine
A'udhu Billahi Min ash-Shaitan ir-Rajeem
Allahu Akbar, caught Don Alon's fiend
Jails can't hold me, it's no cure for this
I smacked ya'll devils, outta my myst
Take the gun from ya hostler, grab your stick
I got a hatred for evil, son, times is hard
Can't destroy my heritage, we the armor of God
Lightning bolts hit your face, break your facade
Prophets and war mongers, leave you scarred
The hell fire gon' come, the fucking Goon Squad

[Scratch Samples]
"Lit rings"...
"Bangin' in yo hood"
"See, this the pusha"
"Goon's Squad visual, this that..
"Fire, fire.."
"It's defenitaly still"

Yo, my full time criminal mind, in overtime mode
Cold blooded, you get your face piece flooded
No ifs, ands, buts about it, who bout it bout it?
My body banger stay crowded, like rush hour
Turn a sweet thing sour, I pack a monster
Send shots for ya roster, who wanna trot?
Every man wanna go to heaven, but scared to die
Revenge I cried, try'nna take the crown from my
Head piece, Selassie 'dad, rest in peace
Who want peace? Change ya culture to kosher
Fucking with me, will have me on the wanted poster
Dead or alive, only the illest survive
Killa Haile, ride by the law of the land
Man to man, hold a steel, hand in hand
You over the hill, still too, old to spill
I roll for real, black down, dressed to kill
Until hell freezes, you better beef with Jesus
Like pussy teasers, I get you soakinng wet
Nigga fronted on my style, and I broke his neck
Run the respect, like I'm standing here with a tech
What you expect? Me must stand, the next man
The best man will die with his dick in his hand