"Spark That Dutch" lyrics - CAPPADONNA

"Spark That Dutch"
feat. Rush

Aiyo, spark that dutch, cuz my life is fucked up
Even my hustle game is nothing but tough luck
I stay in the street life, hoe took my truck
Scrambling for increase, so my kids can eat
I went savage when I felt the heat, you think something's sweet
Yeah, muthafucka, til the beast get in you
Go vampire on 'em, let the feast continue
For real, lord have mercy when I beat the venue
Rhyme sound so nice, you can eat the menu
G-O, spark that dutch, cuz your life is so ill
Shit on the line, and you might have to kill
Ribs is touching, what you know about street production
How you feel about living where the heats is busting
It's the same old shit when I release the button
Yo, spark that dutch, blow the sheets or something
(You know how we do...)

[Chorus: Cappadonna]
Yo, spark that dutch if you don't give up
Spark that dutch, nigga, cuz the streets is rough
Spark that dutch, nigga, for the hoes that fuck
Spark that dutch, nigga, til the stacks is up

Spark that dutch, get lifted on the back of the bus
Make a kid do a bid, ain't, nothing to tough
That we can't handle, get it like the watergate scandal
And scramble til the cakes done, and blow out your candle
Roll up a muscle, can't do nothing but hustle
And I'm broke, and I can't buy, nothing but trouble
I don't cuddle, but I hustle til the sun eclipse
And that's a long time coming, nigga, run your shit
I ain't done til I hawk and spit, on the track
Park and pump yac' in any hood on the map
It ain't where you from, it's, where you're strapped
And how you react, when the, pressue is on
Read it in reverse, like the, Holy Qu'ran
Through my sons I live on, my soul lurking through ya'll
And I advise ya, sky high, cuz it's curtains for ya'll...