"Bedroom Interview" lyrics - CAPPADONNA

"Bedroom Interview"
feat. Stanley Steels

[Intro: Stanley Steels (Cappadonna)]
Start the pompum circumstance music, this a graduation
(You know how we do), Cappadonna, Stan Steels, just a Specialist
You like that Spark, Donna

Baby girl you wine like a hoola dance
You looking real nice, gotta give you a chance
I can your pussy right through your tight pants
Poppin' out your whip, girl got the right stance
How bout some Crystal, we can burn a branch
Maybe later we can take it back to the ranch
You got it going on, baby, with ya ill Prada
When it come to ass, girl, got a whole lotta
I'm feeling you, come on, roll with the Don Dada
C-A-P, all in the club, with my G-A-T
I keep a fly bitch right next to me
Lay my mack game down, and I flex my G
I'm an off-the-hook-nigga, Supermodel king
Fly girl book nigga, love the way you move ya ass
And it shook nigga, let me blow it out the frame
Girl you gorgeous, and your whole crew's the same

[Chorus: Cappadonna (Stanley Steels)]
Aiyo, this bitch is incredible
I'm try'nna get me a bedroom interview
Excuse me, ma, let ya girl get in front of you
This is Don-Don, love you with ya thong on, tell me to sign, boo
(Aiyo, that ass is exceptional
I'm try'nna get me a bedroom interview
Excuse me, ma, let ya girl get in front of you
This is Stanley Steels, and I'mma Specialist, check the credentials)

[Hook: female (Stanley Steels)]
Uh-huh, uh-huh, papi show me what you talkin' bout (yeah)
(Uh-huh, uh-huh, I got the dick-down, bedroom crown you wanna see?)
Uh-huh, uh-huh, I think I like the way it's going down (yeah)
(Uh-huh, uh-huh, we can end the chat right now, tell me how it sound
Do you wanna leave?)

[Stanley Steels]
Aiyo, Steels probably king of the mattress
Luck, got the address, the pussy pimp's calling me MapQuest
She's an actress, that's why I'm leaving my signature
So I can 50 Cent me a Vivica
Listen, my seven sixty, the color of CD
Flowin' past these chicks ass looking like jelly fish
Please, ya'll won't see me riding on PB
Stomp big dicking the whip, can't you tell by the big feet
Please, I got a batting average out of the park
Every beat a homerun since Luck met with Spark
And it's probably the Latin in him
'Cuz I ain't heard a mix this sick since Malone got with Shaq and 'em
That's why they call him Mr. Classic, it's never been the team
That I play for, it's the muthafucking match-up
Finesse flow, yo, the kid is immaculate
Lynn Swan of the game, that's what it read on my jacket
While ya'll sticking throwbacks to match your hat set
I'm, rewriting history, so follow the concepts
I'm out in Charm City whipping the baskets
Fuck a seat's with heat, why you ask for my arm rest
Luck and Donna, we the reason them chicks press
We blame it on features, ya'll base it on sneakers
Listen, dick game like Pole Position
All I do is bob and weave, once I'm in them jeans
And you can guarantee Luck is high quality
Like I'm Kweli and Hi-Tek, the sonic text
Please I caught my bi-chicks baking they eggs
Because's the mixtapes better, plus the two go together
Think about it, I'm a hot sex sizzler
Beat the cat flipper, breakfast is served
And you can get ya back ripped up
Homey tell clip's up, I move with the curb