"Funkyhomosapien" lyrics - DEL THE FUNKY HOMOSAPIEN


Meet the emperor / Sure to keep the temperature tropical hot as
Hellfire / Del is dire straights might awaken 85'er / Some say that
I'm a little, well how can I phrase it / Out of the spectrum with
Language radiance / Personify / But I'll let ya'll be the judge, you
Can call me whatever you want / I just come to give you pleasure
With funk / That's my forte' / The others be sorbet, mushy
Consistency / Yeah, they push me, riff with me, trip to me / Ever
Giving a fuck about they hard luck they pin on me / When they
Gon' see your luck is circumstantial / At your will, use it or lose it
Stupid / Do it for you / 'cause nobody's gonna do it for you / So
Let's go


Peep game then from the main man Diesel / I got a lot to say
Man / But niggas try to play me like the rain man / Hoes try to
Take me on the train man / Knowing that the tracks end / Just
Collapse into an empty canyon, abandoned / It's a sad one who
Plots devious plans in Satan's name / 'cause they can't take the
Game / 'cause they fake and lame /Come break these changes

It's psychological not mythological/ Bitch get a job for real / Not
Hoeing or dick blowing / You can tell me where you going / D
Know, no need to be holding a grudge / From the start of niggas
Showing some love / Plus at the end / Everybody will be closing
Their mug / We all pause, so I know I'ma scrub / Get up get the
Dirt of my shoulder blades / You got to fail to succeed so no one
Is safe / Yes, you gotta risk it, it's the mother of invention I'm
Butter with diction / What a fucking whiz kid / Taught by the best, I
Flip it with finesse / I'm different from the rest / We all gotta step to
The batter's box / So, it matters not / What a chatterbox blab
About / We don't even know without a doubt /Man, come on fool


Yeah, yeah sure you do/ I heard that you going on about with a
Whole bunch of doubt / Now rolling about without knowledge of
Self / is gonna get you in a situation / Whooped with a belt / you
Coulnd't excel / Do it again, first time you get your hands on the
Sticks /
You ain't gonna be the shit / That's why there's practicing
Doctors, practicing mathematicians and authors all for the skrill /
Man chill / Man you ain't for real / You ain't moving until I peel
Back some bills / Fool you still open pills / Be a part of it instead
Of being slick like an eel, silly?

Del ad lib...