"Str8t Up And Down" lyrics - DEL THE FUNKY HOMOSAPIEN

"Str8t Up And Down"

Back in the saddle with some ammo for you
Rattlesnakes who believe you immortal
Told ya'll pulling ya ho card before you
Bogart and overflow I'll assure you
There is two sides, you hide foolish pride
Every time you high side and storm through
Watch it; that's the topic I'm talking
You thoughtless so you walk with no caution
Stop it 'cause you pop shit so often
It's toxic, just like a jock-itch: obnoxious
Think you God's gift but you not a bit
Like your comments
You not the bomb, drop it
When you start your engines, I'm cringing
Then intentionally I don't listen
I hear you just the same
I just distance all of my conscious thought or attention
Your lip service serves no purpose
Ain't even real it's just your invention

[Chorus 2x]
No nonsense it's straight up and down
This is how it is, the way it goes down
It don't slow down get on the boat now
Nothing to doubt, it's straight up and down
Thats how I'm calling it, top to bottom it's my attitude
You can't fuck around

You need to try heed the procedure
And stop trying to leap ahead like you the leader
Or you the boss because you ain't either
You off the meter, please take a breather
Think you foxy but see I see
So you wanna mock me but it's all theatre
You don't know so don't throw me
In that bag of average hokey pokies
No need soon as you try and okey dokey
Don't be shocked to find yourself
Both feet touching clouds your back on the ground
You're much too proud
Your whole style is revolting
Insulting you clown my intelligence
As if things you say have any relevance
Just because you say it with eloquence
That's just game, it's stanking, I'm smelling it
You are not the truth
You a author feeling inadequate adding your embellishments


Game peep game
So ain't nothing going over my head
You may as well notice it's all in your head
You show it with boldness
Even though I know you think I don't know this
You got weak game
Everything you speak change tune
As soon as you say it, that 's bogus
Don't trip you see that way is low risk
I say there's no gold without no risk
Oh shit, but you know this you
Just think you so slick you can just go over it
What do it take to finally wake you up
Feel this and bet you it's sobering

[Chorus 4x]