"Raw Sewage" lyrics - DEL THE FUNKY HOMOSAPIEN

"Raw Sewage"

[Verse 1: Del]
Salutations, now you're facing
A real nigga D-E-L, I don't feel bigger
Up here on stage man, I keep it real witcha
I'm here to entertain ya'll, let's play ball
I stay raw as coke; flawless flows
A novice can't recall why his jaw is broke
Trying to borrow quotes
That's his problem folks; we all adults
Let's see how long he floats
Against the barrage of assaults dislodge his throat
Send death charges to carve his boat
In the cart to Oakland to all my folks
Del apart from most
He hard with jokes
Target scoped and I don't care how far he go
And the bitch is a party ho
Ain't hardly no debutante she give head for ones
You said I read you wrong and your head get stomped

(Zac Hendrix cuts)

Yo, D that stands for dangerous
Never rearrange my stuff to sell units
Niggas do it then you can't come back again
Del is busy mastering all the styles of black music
'Cause I'm attracted to it
Then add rap to it through hip hop movement
Get ya groovin' spit raw sewage
Miss ya'll foolish hoes
Live my life on cruise control
Stay level headed
Plus, I got the devil's legend
So, I'm scopin' the scene
Like metal detection, dental infection
Alized erection keep shitting perspective
So, I don't misinterpret a word sent to my auditory canal
My memory works like storing a file
Always supporting my pals
And that's more important than thousands of dollars
Or drowning in sorrow if I'm around tomorrow
There's a chance to advance
To the spot that I feel is proper to stop at
Examine my work understand I how I work
Make sure my structure's solid
Which is up to knowledge, education
Charlatan's have no patience, show irrational behavior
Getting trapped with paper and thats the danger