"Slam Dunk"

Pow, watch the crowd go wow / While I wild out and pile drive the style / Plow a line down the middle / Skibby-dee-doo-da-day and make a nigga look cripple / But he just enabled by ripple, / It's too evident, cleverness will never get you anywhere bitch / Not in this game you gotta exchange / Quick mane dish the pain and have distance aim / I'm blistering like missile command / Bristling with the energy as I'm dissin' you man / Hieroglyphics this is the brand / D-E-L that simply a branch / Gifted and swift with the raps / Scripted the temperature Black / Niggas be twisting the facts / But I'lI be getting them back to how original Black / Did it with all integrity in tact / Then smash the backboard upon impact
Zac Hendrix cuts
Call me Gerber's just the what they need baby / I know it seems crazy how the referee play me / You see my team blazing all a bunch a dream-chasers / The way I ball I feed the nation 'cause my team the nation / I know it seems courageous / but I hope this things contagious/ the faster we apply teamwork we'll be reimbursed / You know I'll do something like an alley oop / Let my man soak a little bit of the ballyhoo/ I do it dolo too though / I'm swift on impulse / I dip all in close then bolt / Nimble on my toes, I call it pimp mode / Take it to the hole / Watch the blimp flow in your dental / Using fundamentals with the crews motivation / Make the losing competition feel like doing something dangerous / And we guerilla armed / Del he got the killer charm / Dish the pill to palm / You never know when the shit is on
Zac Hendrix
All net / All bets are off / Accept ya'll loss when we rep for ours / We go extra hard forget the stars / The sun shines brighter projects to mars / I train all year / Brain all clear / Feign all fear / The gangs all here / And we play ball fair / Fast break all air / More hops than a hare / Hip hop is the way I wanna watch / You know it's fantastic hands clapping /Fans chanting the mans anthem / It's a jam cram action / Everywhere from Oakland to Japan is dancing / My brand of rapping some can't imagine / So go and catch it live all the stuff I specify areas I specialize in when I bless the mic / Cool is the session the message is a festive vibe but still checking on niggas who get too fly