"Last Hurrah" lyrics - DEL THE FUNKY HOMOSAPIEN

"Last Hurrah"
feat. Khaos Unique


Nowadays what ya'll kicking is just random at best / The course
Of action trapped before the phantom express / I never fail to
Impress like a shell in the chest / I'm living well and I can tell that
You're compelled to confess / Now I'm linking up with Del to
Address / How these fools posted up all in the wings and they
Ain't acting proper / So we gots to swoop down like some Apache
Choppers / Don't act like it's a game, nigga ask yo poppa / Yo D
We shaking up the town again / And its not fatal but I'm able to
Flip just like laredos / The blip cannot locate the flow sick with
Conversational / Motivational mantras thats undebatable / But on
Occasion it be fools that wanna blaze a tool / They on the move
And I know they don't approve of my ability to bend'em them with
Hostility intended / When handgun's extended they like damn son
Ripped it / Like quite wicked like getting kicked in the testicular /
Blow to the senses, hitting harder than vehicular manslaughter /
Leave a nigga laying perpendicular / Jam harder than the whitest
E.n.v distributor / Nigga what / Right now my patience at a
Minimum / Fuck all these jaded critics leav'em faded off the
Synonyms / Sideline niggas talkin bullshit about you / Crews
That'll doubt ya use KU kick it notches / If you do insist to shout
About a fool then how bout'cha bring it /But you know it won't
Improve upon your outcome / You just too use to getting outdone
/ J Malcolm reign down on you like malstrom / I tried to keep it
Peace between us / But you had to release the beast and it got
Beats in english / So fuck the games that people play / The way I
Make people pray nowadays people say


I'ma ill man fill hands with green bills / All seems chill till I see me
Some mean grills / They must be senile or maybe just see nil /
Well we will vanquish the yankees with the faintest motions that
They fin' to get some / its dumb I spit some of this wickedest
Wisdom from Oakland Cali / Ya'll slow pokes like broken athletes
Smoking cavi, agony /Don't get mad at me I got this locked into a
Science / I like doing this its a self expression of aggression and
Defiance against you tyrants / Who think my mind is trapped /
You snatch power u I'll devour you the same as / I let a dame
Give me brain last / You go against the grain get your frame
Smash over the rocks / You get towed to the docks / You know
When it pop / Know when to stop / KU on Bay View to link up with
D-E-L to the lay you / Play you tunes, a terrorist with a verse /
Whenever risk is involved no need to twist a arm / Nigga / This
The bomb what you want fist or palm / Go get yo gat, you a bitch
For that / This a rap motherfucka / I spit the facts / That's all I
Need to twist your cap back / End all be all, I see you free fall / Ya
Knee tall trying to play b-ball with these hogs / Bottomless
Cosmos, osmosis, no focus los lobos / Yo ho ho and a bottle of
Rum / As the planets revolve around sun and don't ask how come
/ It's like that and that's how it is, that's jam master jay and when
He passed away / That's the day the clocked stopped / We just sit
Back and you watch fake niggas pop the talk you never walk /
We ain't upset, we don't see ya'll as a threat at all / Reality
Undisputed? If you say it ain't so / Then yo ass is stupid / If the
Shoe fit quit jumping to conclusions, dummy