"Dog With A Million Bones" lyrics - ROINE STOLT

"Dog With A Million Bones"

I'm not impressed when all your fancy friends arrive
That fame and fortune trip is such a lonely drive
You're just collecting but you can't admit it
You're just a lonely dog with a million bones
Looking behind you, I'd say there's nobody home

There's nobody home
Ain't nobody home

I'm not impressed with all your high-tech gadgets
You've become blind to the pricetag, in this collective madness
You may have the will but do you have the guts
To turn your life around and be a better man?
Appreciate the simple things that anyone can understand

Mama! There's nobody home
Ain't nobody home

You're just intoxicated by that lush life
But you're ready to stab your brother with the twin blade jagged knife
(That's where you're coming from, "the adorable you!")
It's just a passing thrill and time ain't long
I'm trying to figure out where it all went wrong
Meanwhile you're driving in circles around the golden calf
Them lonely bones start rattling in your desperate cry for help

Mama! There's nobody home
You're a dog with a million bones, but there's nobody home