"Unforgiven" lyrics - ROINE STOLT


Unforgiven, at the whipping post
You are knee-deep, uptight, downright mad every minute
Unforgiven, ain't the world a blast?
Say goodbye to the smalltown sweet dreams, reach for the limits

Unforgiven, all the world's gone mad
And you can't go back and reverse the rhyme or the river
Unforgiven, can't you understand
All the punishment and abuse ain't meant for beginners

Unforgiven, have you ever heard
You're a black hole soakin' in every inch of my living
Unforgiven, so you dig the dirt
It's a dog's life, rough ride, no time left for deliver

Unforgiven, won't you wipe your face?
You're the wrong man, wrong time, wrong sense for the infinite
Unforgiven, some refuse to learn
So you go down the wrong line, wrong track, wicked old sinner