"The Unwanted" lyrics - ROINE STOLT

"The Unwanted"

Now the shepherd brings in all the sheep
I'm the blackest one, will he look at me
All I'm asking for & all I pray
Is that the unwanted one gets a brand new day

I've been hurting, never shown those tears
Tryin' to keep up, reeling down the years
Guess I signed up for some pointless game
What a wasted card, who to blame?

I've been foolin' everyone around
Soon regarded as the talk of the town
I've been gambling hard and I lost
Oh, all the bridges that I've burnt to dust

I've been fucked up, lost my self-esteem
I've been toasted in the mean machine
All this sadness hurts, and all this shame
Always hiding under different names

I've been thinking about what was denied
About that spear of Cain piercing thru my side
Life's been short on love, Life's been mean
There's no way to hide all the dirt I've seen

I've been searching for my sacred place
Not yet found it, now it's getting late
All this falling down, no control
God if you exist, have mercy on my soul!!!