"Spirit Of The Rebel" lyrics - ROINE STOLT

"Spirit Of The Rebel"

Set for a good old-fashioned game of chess
Two worlds to be "cured" with certain measures
"Let's strike them to the ground, it's our God-given right
We have the power, we have the arms
We have a strategy to get the job well done
Some drastic measures sit so right in trying times
We'd rather strike than wake up looking into the barrel of a loaded gun"

Some men are hard as steel, some are disconnected
Some put their faith in any crook that gets elected
It's a shady world, it's a playground for the wicked
It's a world gone wrong, where the gap keeps growing bigger

The spirit of the rebel
It's about to now begin
The spirit of the rebel
You can fight a man, but you can't fight his ideas
Better sit down and talk it out now, turn the other cheek
Love is the answer - love is the answer!
So give us one good man to sort it out

How about some thinking before you blow the chessboard clean
It's a frickin nightmare and an apocalyptic dream
You can hunt the king down and expect the rest to give in
But the spirit of the rebel is now about to begin

We're just a link in the rusty chain of time
We're just the same old men that force the hands of crime
The same old Kings and Queens that dig their early graves
The same old brothers die upon the barricades