"Hotrod (The Atomic Wrestler)" lyrics - ROINE STOLT

"Hotrod (The Atomic Wrestler)"

Flushed his face and shaved his legs
Saved up for a final drink
Straightjacket, see you later!!
Racing his hotrod to the brink
A lucid, violent guardian hellhound
"Babysitting" the world in need
Cultivating his spinal bimbos
Cut the branches and watch 'em bleed

Whirling wagons of extinctions
Fire whipped upon his back
Racing for a safe asylum
Sanctuary down the track

Named "a madman of the wheel"
He flew his hands upon the radiant
Twisted tubes inside the hourglass
But he could not stop the meltdown

He found himself accelerating
He tried to calculate the crash
Building a life upon a bombshell
Is maybe not entirely wise?

There is no cure for all this madness
There is no way to stop the deal
And there's no way out for a lonely mouse
Out of his endless spinning wheel