"Double Team" lyrics - TENACIOUS D

"Double Team"

A hard days rockin'
Better slip off my shoes
Maybe give a little stretch and a bend
Dip my toe to Jacuzzi baby
Slip out this book, "The Buttress of Windsor"
Ho ho ho who's this?

How's it goin'?
That's the first thing I say to you
How's it goin'? Are you flowin'?
Listen honey
Thinkin' 'bout a couple things to say to you
Showin', growin'

Man I'd like to place my hand upon your fuckin' sexy ass and squeeze
And squeeze
Take off your blouse and your underpants
Then take a look

'Cause here me and K.G. come naked out of the side-hatch
With the oils and perfume and incense
Now you're groovin'
Put on a cool seventies groove
A funky groove to fuck to
A funky groove to fuck to

Me, me and K.G.
It's all about sex supreme
We likes to cream jeans
Have you ever been worked on
By two guys who are hot for your snatch?
That's what I'm offerin' you

You step into our room
And then you smell the perfume
You lay upon our roundish bed
And then you feel a tickling on your head

It's K.G. with a feather and the french tickler
Look out baby he got the tools
And then you feel somethin' down by your feet
It's me, it's J.B.
And I'm suckin' upon your toes

We don't mind suckin' on toes
Good luck finding a boyfriend who sucks toes
Havin' sex with me and K.G.
Now you're talkin' double team

Let's roll

Oh, oh, oh

What? Yeah! Huh? No! Oh
Oh that's it
That's right
Oh my God
Oh, I think I'm gonna, oh

That was the one
Hail Satan
Hail Satan
Hail Satan
Hail Satan