"Inward Singing" lyrics - TENACIOUS D

"Inward Singing"

[Jack Black:] Oh my god. Oh my god, I've done it.
[Shouts:] Cage! Come here, I want you!
[Kyle Gass:] What? What? God! I'm sleeping, dude!
What are you talking about...
[JB:] Oh my god.
[KG:] What?
[JB:] I did it.
[KG:] What d'ya do?
[JB:] I've done it. I fuckin' did it.
The most powerful tool in singing technology since yodelling, dude.
Oh my god, inward singing.
[KG:] What?
[JB:] Check it out, it's an invention.
And it makes non-stop rocking possible.
[Shouts:] Think about it, man!
Rock singers are only rocking you half of the time!
The other time they're... they're... they're... they're breathing! In!
But not anymore, baby! hahahahaha! Not with inward singing, check it out!

[Jack sings inwards, then outwards. while doing this, he sings:]
And then I start some lyrics and you can't believe I'm singing
And I'm never fucking stopping
And I'm always fucking singing
And now you know that I will never stop the fucking singing
I'm like a fucking one-man band
I'm like a fucking one-man band!

And I can sing like that all fucking night!
[KG:]...Wow... It wasn't really non-stop though, there was a slight...
[JB:] [shouts] Arrgh, shut up! It is non-stop!
And the other thing is, that when I'm fuckin' singing in,
It sounds even better!
Than when I'm singing out! Shut up! Fuck you! You fucking dick!
Always nay-saying... everything I create! You piece of shit!
YOU create something like inward singing! You fucking shit!
You fucking sit in your tower! Fucking nap...
[KG:] [laughing]
[JB:] What's funny?... You fucking bitch! Fucking... fuck you!
Fuckin'...cock ass!
[Jack pauses for a minute to breathe]
[JB:] You're fired from the band.
[KG:] Um, that won't be necessary, Jack.
[JB:] Why?
[KG:] I'm quitting.
[JB:] What?
[KG:] I quit.