"One Note Song" lyrics - TENACIOUS D

"One Note Song"

Jack, yeah, do you think some people?
Do you think that there's some people
That are really, that are actually robots livin' among us?
No, but we can't tell
No, we don't have that technology yet

But Rage, Rage, Rage, yeah, yeah
You know what I was thinkin', stop playin'
I was thinkin' of a fuckin' brilliant song
Yeah, check it out, just do what I do
Okay, just play this note

Then we both keep, just keep both playin' that note
Every once in a while bend it and that's it
And just remember who wrote that song, me baby, me
See it's fuckin' simple, that's one song in the bank

Next song, next song, how could? But it's just one note, next
Anybody could've wrote it, anybody could've done that one song
Just one note, yeah, but guess who did write it, me
Yeah, but did you write this?

Dude, I did, I told you to do
The bendin' every once in a while
Oh, yeah, you did, fuck
I win, shit, I win, one to nothin'