"Born On The Block" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Born On The Block"
feat. Big Sid & Killer Mike

[Hook 2x:]
See, I was born on the block
And I was raised on the block
And they wonder why I talk this way
They wonder why I talk this way

[Verse 1: Big Sid]
I was born on the block, raised on the block
Never slang [?] but I knew some things on the block
My people under streetlights trying to provide
For they fam, so they scram from the laws to survive
Up and on it all night, same story different day
Kids need food and clothes so we going all the way
Momma got cancer and they only giving her till May
Collections team callin', 'cause the hospital pay is late
Baby momma trippin', she tired of the strugglin'
He feel the same way, 'cause he tired of the hustlin'
World is too cold, so we screamin' fuck the government!
President and all, Democrats and Republicans
Sick of the smugglin', takin' daily chances
Prayin' with his fam to turn this section to a mansion
Playin' with the flames, don't get burned, so he dances
Hopin' to make it out, takin' penitentiary chances

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 2: Killer Mike]
Raised on that Martin Luther King
A nigga had a dream and a scheme
Servicing [?] fiends
If you ain't never seen the site of a young teen
Sprinting toward the car like a track team in spring
You wouldn't understand how the product is in his hand
Wrapped in cerane, tucked by the garbage can
Can potentially grow this boy into a man
You see him and disregard him, another dope man
Got a woman that he love, he don't wanna see her dance
Had a baby by the girl, he call her Ms. Little Man
His momma been on welfare all of his life
Took her out the projects her house and picket fence white
The same animal that chop rock, bust choppers
Sent two sisters to school to become doctors
Feds finally came and gave the young brother life
He said, my family made it out, fuck the law, I'm tight

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 3: Big KRIT]
Okay, I get it how I live, no silver spoons or handouts
Crack viles covered the park-ground that we ran 'round
Chunk his ass for change, no regrets, pride or shame
Refrain from giving eye because we strugglin' all the same
One bill away from being in the same position
Standin' on the corner with these stones I whipped up in my kitchen
Watchin' for them undercover laws and those niggas paid to tell
My partner going through it, prayin' this dope will sell
Taking chances just to make it out the hood
Get jammed and do time, but did just what he could
Got kids that need food, so I'm taking up the slack
His girl ain't shit, and theres no tellin' when he's comin' back
And they wonderin' why we fight for every yard, never heal from these scars
Never give so we take, any day we can starve
And I ain't sayin' that it's right
But it's life, we're tired of the dark, failed for searchin' for the light
Earnin' stripes

[Hook 4x]

They wanna be down with the last King, Two!