"Home Again" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Home Again"
feat. Tha Joker (US)

I used to have a whole lotta nothin'
Thats why a nigga can't stop hustlin'
But as soon as I get it
I'll be comin' right back wit' it
I'm comin' home again
Home again

[Verse 1: Tha Joker]
This exactly where it's at
My heart to be exact
I moved to A-T-L, but I be right back
Man my sister need a house, my granny need a 'lac
So like the surface I'm just trying to get scratched
Ariana Ms. Tatted, Daddy missin'
Ariana your momma put me through drama
Sleepin' on me like Pajamas
We all goin' through depression and I hate to see my kin hurt
So I need my cash now, J-G Wentworth
K.O. till I go Ms. Walkin' down Weatherly
Alotta shit changed so the same it will never be
Niggas hatin' on me but you must respect the real
Thats why Imma show 'em somethin' fire-marshall bill
For real


[Verse 2: Big KRIT]
I'm comin' home
Like I never left, cruise the city while bendin' corners
Chunk the deuce to the non-believers, and parlay with my playa homies
They knew just want it took for me to be the man that I am today
Channel the son tears and money black thats why good lord paved the way
For a nigga to see everything a nigga would dream
Right here before his eyes
And removed though they never had good intentions
I beat the devil while he in disguise
From a mile away, I'm doin' good, and I'm proud to say
That I can pay my bills and buy my meals and woke my wheel
In my home from where my family stay
If need be finally be there for them like they were for me
Ain't shit shit change but my lyrical 3hunna till I D-I-E
I'm just statin' facts
Happiness all I need, just gotta pray for that
Everything here cost me blood, sweat, tears, and yes I paid for that