"Comin' From" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Comin' From"
feat. Big K.R.I.T. & J-Dawg

Living life in the hardest city
Understand where I'm coming from
Understand where I'm coming from

[Verse 1: Slim Thug]
This where the gangstas survive
And bitch niggas died
Somebody from your block got, got, you gotta ride
Where the bitches suspicious that's why you can't trust em
Pimp, steal, hell you might not wanna fuck em
The block is on fire, them laws want you locked
Even if you pay the hustle they take the little that you got
When niggas get shot, and it ain't no big deal
'Cause everybody took what even if they get killed
It's hard to cry for 'em we're so used to it live everyday like it's our last
It's like that nigga knew it
Robbing and stealing, hustling and killin'
Serve that, I just smile, living with no villain
Where they so tired of starvin' they'd rather be in jail
They go home and after tell their kids they failed
I'm from the South side of Houston, where everybodys strapped
But I love my hood so I put it on the map


[Verse 2: Big KRIT]
I come from the rock bottom, trains and steel mills
My partner fuck school, he'd rather rock chrome wheels
Babys been having babies like condoms they never made 'em
Give them up to their parents 'cause surely they couldn't raise 'em
Let the curtain fall fuck the laws and the judge
Sendin' niggas up the creek for selling drugs they gave to us
My grandma always used to say cherish what you love
'Cause God is comin' soon for me and you to take us up above
They hollin' change here but I got bills due
So pardon me when Imma eat and I don't feel you
Just let me smoke my weed and drank upon this chill brew
And reminisce on life when it was laid back and chill too
I'm still pourin out for partners that did pass
But never pour too much 'cause I try to make it last
Make do with what I got I appreciate what I have
If you ain't searchin' for the truth then why you asked
Mississippi where I'm comin' from


[Verse 3: J-Dawg]
I'm from the home of religion where they searching for a way
Where they sent you far away
And they got less than any but still got the most faith
Home of the G's, land of the slaves
Rest in peace and much respect to all my G's that passed away
And on that note I lost two more the other day
Where the good die young and the kids duck strays
On the way to school jumpin' over blood pools
You can smell it in they clothes, its like the Devil's burnt through
And they immune to it, how is this normal?
Where the babies get burned and preachers call that karma
See where I'm from they will tell us anything
Like fuck it if we crash, they just want us out they lane
Yeah man, that's a motherfucking shame
And every gutter is the same, but different motherfuckin' drain
I'm from the slums, gorilla red off chromes [?]
Where you better not come, rich niggas get done
And the bricks bitch, ugh!