"Hometeam" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

feat. CyHi The Prynce, Dreamer & Wes Fif

[Wes Fif: Hook]
I reign supreme
Gotta make that cheese
Gotta go on the work
Boy I gotta cross two seas
They make that play 'cause I'm ripping like a Russian AK
'Cause I grinding and chasing the dream
This ain't only for me
Say what?
'Cause I do it for the home team! (I grind)
For the home team (I ball), for the home team (Stand tall)
For the hometeam, I do this for the home team! (Go real)
For the home team (I work), for the home team (Go bezerk)
For the home team, I do this for the home team! (Uh!)

[Wes Fif: Verse 1]
Lit fast and blunt full'a lit grass
Big wheels on a whip bitch, big ass
In the South all we do is get cash
Can't do shit but copy and get mad
Eat your heart out, suck a nigga
That's why they don't fuck with me
Can't walk like this, so it's tough to see
Off sets on a 65' gt
Though the south spill oil like BP
Uhh, but I clean up nice, married to the game
No prenup, nice
No honeymoon, I ain't even throw rice
Eat the whole pie won't leave no slice
Spit so sick gotta play that twice
Call Young G I don't need to rock ice
Yeah, and you don't even gotta ask
All up front need all my cash
I go hard then all ya'll ass
You can go ahead and kiss all my ass
That Marlins stay on my hat
You know this that Florida shit
Ya'll niggers know what it is
Dirty South we run this shit!

[Wes fif: Hook]

[Big K.R.I.T: Verse 2]
Hey ball out with me, crawl out with me, hear a lot of screams Saying fall out with me
I'm all out with it, like he ain't saying nothing
Niggas bark all day (woof), ain't scared of nothing
Still in the hood like C
Autographing titties and hoes is taking photos
Of the baddest of bitches, bust it open call it porno
Smokin' live cuz?
Higher then the bitch, skyscraper and taller
Fly as the kicks
Rims to big that the tire won't fit
We drinking fire water and blow fire on this
One of yours could mind my wrist
And mind my tag, bitch too close shit mind my swag
Trunk on glow, tool on deck, the blind could admire my flash
I think I'm on fire, Patron, 6
[?] Tires, supreme, whippin
[?] look at it swang
Never seen a sound? well look at it bang!
Look at my name! Who said I ain't King?
Stand there, throw some paper look at it rain
Pull out my label, pull on my frame
Reclining with diamonds against my brain

[Wes Fif: Hook]

[CyHi Da Prynce: Verse 3]
From the Atl to Orlando, ain't a state that I can't go
I just sit in the house on my ass
'Cause you all already know what I stand for
Painting pictures, I'm Van Gogh
Promoters paid like Santro
In the studio wearing sandals
Blowing blue grass, no banjo
Was a hoodlum like Bun B
I'm good son, I'm comfy, like Gandi
But niggers still wanna jump me like bungee cords
So I play my cards smart like Gin Rummy, for
Rappers thats mad 'cause they can't out rap this country boy!
Plus their bitches want me, you act like ya'll married with kids
Who are you? Al Bundy?
Hit a strip club, fuck a stripper
Without throwing a bill up, that's chauncey
I got a pretty pussy passenger with me
And she ain't wearing no undies
Ha! oh my bad is this your chick up in my front seat?
Obviously she likes being around bread
I call the bitch lunch meat
But I'm tight with your ends like Shiancoe
We tell em' lies, we prank hoes
Got a SunTrust, on wheels, nigga that what I call a bank roll
I reign supreme with the same regime
With killer hooks, my games Kareem
My verse is Kobe, I'll change my number before I change my team

[Wes Fif: Hook]