"Cruise Control" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Cruise Control"
feat. Mike Jarggerr

I'm just riding with the top down
All day, All night
Cruisin' Cruisin' Cruisin'

[Verse 1: Mike Jargerr]
You now rockin' with the fran boy sippa
Fine wine spilla
Michael Circa 84, flows quite a thrilla
Got these 787 dream-liners in my dreamscape
Breaking bread with J-atone and my teammates
No breaks from greatness baby thats my mantra
Girl I'm thinking big time them niggas playin' Tonka
Get yo ass on this butter-soft shit
As I'm finna raid your tomb on this Laura Croft shit
I've been lookin' for a bombshell to come along and raise my Chakra
Oh, you scared of heights? Hold on tight, Daddy got ya
Yea, we finna see cloud 99
Bippin' [?] on the finest pallet sippin' on the finest wine
I'm fitten my K-E to the J-A-G-G
Make these women come to fast every time they see me
Get a whiff of the aura it's hereditary
Girl I do it nothin' less than legendary


[Verse 2: Big KRIT]
First off, shawdy let me ball a bit
I got the type of Candy paint that will make you lick up all of it
Sticky icky dreams, crude to seen, and I drop the roof
'Cause once you lose your cool, ain't no tellin' what these [?] do
Any bitch can get in the way and sometimes you jus' gotta let 'em go
God gave you all of that and sometimes you jus' gotta let it show
I'll just let you know off the real though
I'm curious where the hit bowl
Let me get deep in your mental, B-P in your tempo
I know just what you need, so lets not waste no time
I'll work you like a B, rip and break you down
Shawdy let me see it, let me see it then
Over let me see it
Don't be teasing let me beep it
'Cause I know how to treat it
Like a old school, display it in my show room
Under lights, over night, light it up like I'm supposed to
Problem is you probably lookin' to be my number one
To keep it real, I'm just here for the night and I'm tryin' to have some fun