"Hold You Down (Remix)" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Hold You Down (Remix)"
feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Emilio Rojas

[Verse 1: Emilio Rojas]
I'm the spitter they considered inconsiderate
The one and illegitimate son of that fucking immigrant
Just running like a sprinter
From all the responsibilities they've given him
I'm different
I keep them coming back like a recidivist
Hitting them and showing them
The difference of pussy whipped and pistol whipped
And I'm sticking to my guns just like a pistol grip
Listen when I tell you "eat a dick" I'm a nutritionist
You bitches, it's Emilio the flow-er
And I'm ripping it, you're sick of it
My living is trash
Vision as vivid as tripping on acid
Addicted to death
Men will be running your body and sniffing the ashes
The women I sex
Can't even learn her pilates and other advances
Running up in 'em and then they be dashing
When I be finishing up with the smashing
Never been giving the government taxes
None of my Benjamins, none of my Jacksons
So they'll be sitting the kid on a pedestal
One of the generals up in this rap shit
That's it. The fuck you want me to say?
Y'all never shutting nothing down, you like Guantanamo Bay
I tell 'em

[Hook: Laws]
Ay yo, I don't got time to play so
I'm waiting on your say so
You know I'll hold you down (I'll hold you down)
And y'all got me like ay yo, what more can I say though
I been like this since a day old
Watch me hold you down (I'll hold you down)

[Verse 2: Big K.R.I.T.]
Who would have thought it, southern Nas on the rise
Muddy water flow, I'm cat fish deep fried
Looking down from the old school drop-top
In this game of life I call my whip the sky box
High enough to kick moon rocks
I'm on some tell-it-all shit like the Boondocks
'Cuz I'm serving what you need for a fee
I got that dumb packs
Some shit that you can't get up off these streets
So why not come back?
Call it K.R.I.T crack
Never fold I stand behind it
Like GMC, my type of chi you'll never find it
Even when I'm in a grave they'll still try to sign me
'Cuz I embody the very spirit of an iron giant
Prime example when the stars align
Universe unravel just so God can say he co-sign
A new breed of rapper, a little rough around the edges
But in due time, I'll fix what we neglected
'Cause I can hold you down


[Verse 3: Laws]
My jeans ain't getting no tighter
My competition spotlight ain't getting no brighter
I'm still a sarcastic Brazilian bastard
Who's piece of the pie's thicker than Sicilian
Biggest star coming from the island since Gilligan
Imprisoned murderer who only wants to kill again
Haters getting lazy, comparing me to Eminem
Eh, not quite, I'm just the sickest ever since
You ain't hip hop, you a ballad from Evanescence
I'mma snap and get up in some four element shit
Break you off while you dance
Scratch your face up, tag your place up
Wrap you from the waist up
Bury you alive, on that Biggie and Pac shit
Forget this backpack, just give me the Glock kid
Aim it right at Solar's face when I pull it
And write "truly yours, from Guru" on the bullet

"Now if I pull the trigger on these fully loaded lines
You gonna wish I pulled a black nine"