"[II/XII] Country Niggas Anonymous (Freestyle)" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"[II/XII] Country Niggas Anonymous (Freestyle)"

[Verse: Big K.R.I.T.]
Still tippy toeing old school caddy doorin'
Country boy ain't way too hot in here
Shit I been hot for years
Swimming through the trenches
Roaches in yo kitchen
Peeking out the window
Doing dishes
Who that is they look suspicious?
Cutting through the yard
Trying to make a living
Now its workers in the field
Bald faded when they trim it
Line it up to the tippy top
With a bitch that love shining
Knob like she missed a spot
You would think she missed a lot
Im just tryina whip this money till it hurt
I remember every face that used to say this wouldn't work
To a dreamer that's like non believers talking to a church
Used to people looking down on me
I come from the dirt
I come from a place where people always have to stick together
Pillow talking with the hoes the only time you ruffle feathers
Trying not to worry bout these haters and business ventures
Easter Sunday penny loafers last time I penny pinch
Like fuck them niggas
We gon ball in the skylight
Don't worry if you missed the game
We got highlights
Free agent on the court
I know my score and what im worth
Im not sure what all these niggas getting
But you pay me first
We just on it tho
Now days the rap game a junkie
In a corner store
Whole lot of hand outs
I used to know
I used to go to studios
I used to flow
Remember ol buddy that was buzzin
You too young but I know you know
Bitch, no I don't
Took a song with mutli to the fullest
A chopper with the product in the booth
Im sweating bullets
Life's a gamble
This a slot machine
Ima pull it
I got steak I got shrimp I got lobster
What you cooking?
3 mins they got 45 left
Who you booking
Yeah that one song killed then it died
I was looking
Catalogue mean mazing
A whole lotta rookies
Striped-badges girls scouting niggas
Whole lotta cookies
Ain't no need to write a verse
A whole lotta hooking
Rap game was a parent
There's a whole lotta whoopin's
Ain't no time outs
Write your name 100 times and sign out
More like suck that shit up right now
What you crying bout
You the sub of the sub of the sub of the sub
That ain't start
Why you trying out?
Why I gotta be the only one that see it clearly?
Maybe outside looking in means you come from Mississippi
Hold up
Maybe outside looking in means you come from Mississippi
Hold up
My nigga like "Goddamn, why you stop?"
...Looking in means you come from Mississippi, Krizzle