"[X/XII] SKRT SKRT (Freestyle)" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"[X/XII] SKRT SKRT (Freestyle)"

Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Tell her she just need to gone slow it a lil bit uh, one time

I'm just, trynna' turn her out for the weekend
I got an old school whip we can creep in
We could kick it till the sun come up
If she really trynna' fuck I got a room she can sleep in
This ain't nuthin' that she used to
I'm trynna' connect just like a Bluetooth
And get off on her spine and break it down
Flip it over, beat it up from behind up above the ground
H-Town knocking these boots
Got it so wet I think I need a Sea-doo
Swimming, swimming, swimming in the pussy
If her body was a show I'd have to book it
Four legs and cornbread sweeter than a sundae on Sunday with chocolate chip cookies
After I give ya' what ya' need from your head to your feet please tell me you're cooking
Yeah yeah, fix a nigga a plate, yeah yeah, fix a nigga a plate
I got the kinda appetite to eat you out of house and home
The hunger still strong even if I done ate
Yeah yeah, fix a nigga a drink, yeah yeah, fix a nigga a drink
The liquor got it going, professional with the stroking
If she keep her mouth open she gon' tell me how I taste
Like woo, I'm good with the aim on the low
I came with a chain and the grill let it show
Shining the diamonds, her beauty is blinding
I hit her with the wood I have her body on glow
I know your man don't do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it right
Don't let this be the last time you're reaching orgasm
I'm not that far away you can call me anytime
I got another call, hold on
It's the wrong number should I go on
Give you the kind of memory that you can roll on
Do it yourself whenever you miss me like so long
Figure a hot bath, a better day than them lame niggas
Watching porn wishing you could change with them
You ain't getting freaky for no reason
And all you wanna' do is come and shake 'till you sleeping
I know, I know, I know, I know what you need (Yeah)
I know, I know, I know, I know you want to be (Yeah, with Krizzle)