"[XII/XII] Real Easy (Freestyle)" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"[XII/XII] Real Easy (Freestyle)"

[Verse: Big K.R.I.T.]
Its real easy, yeah
Yeah it's easy to be wack, its way harder to give your heart and soul, it ain't easy to get it back
Like a chain that you bling, it was easy to get it snatched
Your friends was easy targets and you easy with the scratch
Them hoes was easier to fuck, so you easily attached
You was easy with the car keys, and easily was jacked
When the pussy way too easy, its so easy to get laxed
Everybody eavesdropping, so you easily get taxed
'Cus they know you got it
When you easy-going everything comes out of pocket
Once you start easing up, it ain't easy to stop it
Talking anything but favors make easier topics
When you was ballin' for yourself it was easier shopping
Now everybody want something, and ain't easily coppin'
It ain't easy being a plane in a world full of rockets
Even when you off the radar its easy to spot you
Its easy to drop you
Its easy to bake bread when you savin' the ends
But it ain't easy when that bag go empty again
Easy does it
Yeah you hustling for the easy route
Yeah you would go back to the base but that's the easy out
Nowadays the easy play means you out of bounds
It ain't easy being a peasant when you've held the crown
Watch enemies over you like you never had
Its easy to be forgotten if you never mattered
Life's a picture of happiness not easily captured
Perhaps its easy in the ground and when our ashes scatter
Like real easy