"[III/XII] Lock Jaw (Freestyle)" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"[III/XII] Lock Jaw (Freestyle)"

Feel like I shoulda put a grill in for this one

[Verse: Big K.R.I.T.]
They hollerin', "Krizzle, where you been?"
I been outchea on it
Studio going
Kicking and flowing
3 in the morning
Trying to make something worth it cuz most this rap shit ain't working
Im fully focused on clowning these clowning clowns for the circus
Im just trying to ride to city I ain't never been
And get that club appearance money that's too much to spend
And buy another old school and sit it on some rims
And hit the nearest KOD and throw it in the wind
Hell it was tax free
Ill blow all that shit before they tax me
The ticket for today that other ticket last week
We talking prices you don't like then don't ask me
'Cuz every time I kick a verse the price go higher and higher
I make a beat and rap on it that's like fire to fire
When most these lames was in they feelings I was rotating tires
Selling country shit when the label said that they wouldn't buy it
Like why would you deny it?
Them niggas get livest when I get on my live shit I might start a riot
Despite my empire you act like im lying
I'm among the top 5 bitch and wasn't even trying
They drop the ball all they want and ima pick it up, windmill, 360, behind the back but that just ain't enough
I'm left to shoot the shot one on the clock
I'm living for the clutch
A nigga that don't understand the game someone that I can't trust
A hoe that's down to fuck for fame a hoe that I can't fuck
When you king Midas with the flow some shit you just can't touch
Gold twankies im out here swanging on these hoes
Multi be the gang im outchea banging on these hoes
No half stepping Big Daddy Kaning on these hoes
Mo money mo money I'm Daymond Wayans on these hoes
For the 2000s
Ima buy what I want while you browsing
We set the standard higher than a giant standing on two mountains
I built my ship to ride the wave im like who drowning?
Now days the bag of hot potatoes my nigga like you counting
Too much, wrist hurtin, how much? ain't certain?
Gotta break it down use the money counter and watch out for these niggas lurking
This crack the house spittin dollas in the game got these bitches twerking
Multi till the sun die
Bitch 12 for 12 with these verses

Krizzle, Krizzle
Let's go