"[XI/XII] Other Side Of The Game" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"[XI/XII] Other Side Of The Game"

(...A lil' bit more
...a jazzy-ass song, man
I can't even lie...)

Sometimes (sometimes)
What you gonna do
When there's bills to pay
And there's kids to raise
And the money that you make
Just ain't enough?

Uh, sun sizzlin' through my window
I peep the tempo
You toke up on that indo
When life comes to crescendo
We played it smooth
I got the heart to make it
I'm Liam Neeson for my people
Mine ain't for the takin'
Talkin' kindness
Some get blinded
By boasts for shinin'
The coldest nigga ever still couldn't predict the climate
Time's a wrinkle to the heat they ironin'
Press it dinin'
It was tucked away like a handkerchief and pocket linin'
Can't define it
Raise your signage
How we up, but we still declinin'?
Black is gold, but we strive for diamonds
Zion's close
I just pray you find it
And send word to the left behinded
Overwhelmed and undermined it
Instead of guns I got knowledge you should blow your mind with
Don't be late for the vibin', check your time and
We all got a lane of our own, watch we drivin'
Every pool ain't meant for divin'
Every groove ain't meant for slidin'
Don't confuse hustlin' with survivin'
Life is far from a game with quick revivin'
Only mothers cryin'
Over kids dyin'
While they tryin'
To make a livin'
In a world of bill collectors
Forever billin'
While the rest want a better life
Lookin' at the ceilin' as the fan blow
Man, this sheetrock ain't appealin', uh

I want a house upon the hill, mama, uh
It ain't safe where I live, mama, uh
The gunshots give me chills, mama, uh
The candy lady moved from here, mama, uh

I got a partner that got a shot and he down to make it
But if them FEDs passed the rock I pray he never take it
But I know the feelin' of wantin' to win in life
So a wrong becomes a right
Yeah, we roll the dice
It's crazy that I'm in this situation
'Cause my bills don't get paid by occupations
And it ain't that we didn't get education
There just wadn't no jobs after graduation
And I ain't sayin' that this job don't work
But if my boss don't chill someone might get hurt
Because I tell them right they think I'm wrong
And they want me gone
I can't live the life that I want to live
I can't give the bread that I want to give
Pressure's on me and the weight is growin'
But I'm gon' make it on my own
Try to ride around with my top loose
Work from the sun til I see the moon
Gunshots rang and I could barely sleep
All I hear is the police
What you gonna do when they come for you?
Work ain't enough just to pay the bills
What you gonna do when they come for you?
Take what's mine 'cause they never give
So I pray