"[VIII/XII] No Chance (Freestyle)" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"[VIII/XII] No Chance (Freestyle)"

Shout out to Rae Sremmurd, Ear Drummers
You know what I mean man, killing it man still working it man

Yeah, this ain't even my flow
And I'ma stick to it like Velcro
Swinging these elbows
The only strikes they got is shelltoes
Got them ho's on the track like a railroad
Will you do a verse for the frisky?
Call Dutch my nigga, "Nigga hell no!"
Paying what it cost, I ain't taking no losses nowadays
Looking like bosses nowadays, foreigns and offers nowadays
Peanut chicken sauce and saucing nowadays
Burial ground, rappers in coffins nowadays
A big crib in the outfield feelin' like Kenny Lofton nowadays
Look at how I done it Forest Gump shit when I run it
David Blaine with flow, turning nothing into something
Pockets super clumping, royal rumble thumpin'
Quiet but I shoot, call me Tim Duncan
Talking money play it, while I'm at a luncheon
Why you call my phone if you ain't want nothing, bitch stop fronting
Know you're something when I came down with the top off and the doors up with my feet out
Gripping more grain than a treehouse
Tint was so dark I can't see out
Who the greatest? Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me and me!
Who did I leave out?
Nah nigga I'm on it, If you ain't friend, you opponent
If you ain't paid for that shit and this then your name you don't own it
On the road like an almanac
Pressing buttons call me presidential living
All's fair in love and war, I'll send a missile right to a sinner
No we ain't quite the same nigga, all the same nigga since the name nigga
You a lame nigga, they ain't hang with ya'
You ain't fucked ho's till the fame nigga
I was game nigga to the mouthpiece
Put a dick right where her mouth be
I was doing it, doing it, doing it well
You a handout, outreach!
Sleeping on haters that couch flow
Social networking to make a million
Hating ain't good for your blood pressure
All that salt and shit might up and kill ya'
Invisible set in that's how I grill ya'
Smiling my way here to the bank
Escape the prison of the label
Counting all the paper while these niggas Shawshank