"The Cave: Season 2 - Episode 1" lyrics - KENNY BEATS

"The Cave: Season 2 - Episode 1"
feat. Danny Brown

[Intro: Danny Brown]
You understand, of course, that this is long after business hours, and I can only give you five minutes
Check (Whoa, Kenny)

[Verse 1: Danny Brown]
Used to move the weight like NordicTrack
Compete with the white like black quarterbacks
Out here flippin' nickels the size of your bitch nipples
Shiny as a nickel, R.I.P Don Rickles
My Air Maxes cost what's on your taxes
Smoke so much weed, me breathin' is miraculous
Dog, it ain't calculus, fuckin' common sense
Sixteen, it's crime scene, murder with no evidence
It's heaven-sent
Apart from it when you're boppin' to it
I cock and pop it, tossin', turnin', like Bobby Lewis
Still goin' like Rocky movies
Maury gators on my feet, got this bitch sayin', "Sock it to me"
Fur lookin' like a horror movie
White hoes trip when they see me
But I stab 'em with my pee-pee
It taste like kiwi
They way I get what I want, you would think I had me a genie

[Break: Danny Brown]
Hold on, I got more bars though
Watch this, I got one more (Style!)

[Verse 2: Danny Brown]
My nigga stomp you out so good, partner
You'll get dizzy walkin' by a Foot Locker
An author with anger in his pen, you a whole lotta pretend
Comprehend my lifestyle, I recommend
Your estrogen levels elevatin' a level less than a man
So much bitch in you, doubt when you piss, you stand
The workin' of a madman, off-the-road taggin'
Bullets make you backspin, turn your ass to a has-been
So nigga, who you question? Lighten your complexion
Smith & Wesson leave you in a place arrestin'
Eho ya checkin', nigga?
Wrong answer, that's cancer, nigga
Tragic outcome, zipped up in plastic
Harder than assassin, spot his target in traffic
Niggas just rappin' 'till them Gats is clappin'
Your reaction, regret what just happened
While I be just lampin', lightin' up and laughin'

[Outro: Danny Brown]
Alright, alright, that's it
I got, that's it
That's all I got (Style!)