"The Cave: Season 2 - Episode 3" lyrics - KENNY BEATS

"The Cave: Season 2 - Episode 3"
feat. Slowthai

Whoa, Kenny!

And life was bleak, playin' hide and seek
Had to run with my team, man's on his D now
Can you see, like one, two, three
Like A-B-C, like it's Blue's Clues
And you can't find me
When I kick in your door, ayy, when I kick in the door
Like boy wants raw, and you got that coke, and I needed more
When I kick in the door, like one-one-four
When you want-want more, when man hit the floor
When I box your a jaw, it's cray
Smash, bang, wallop, what you need
It's cereal, more than milk when I got them tits on me
'Cause I needed ice, and it's lux' on her knees
And my Russian ting ain't 40
AK-47 with the mat', uh
Platinum, I ain't tryna get a plaque, nah
I got jewelry in my chain, and know it's mashed bruh
And I'mma have to clap your chick and I didn't even take off her bra
Fuckin' it up, I'm fuckin' the weed
I'm hittin' the cheese, I'm feelin' the love
I'm feelin' the lean, I'm feelin' sublime, I'm feelin' the street
What you mean? What the fuck you need?
All my fuckin' days make 'em bleed 'cause I'm blood hungry
Huh, I'm mister, mister I don't give a fuck
Mister come around and then I fuck you up
How you wanna die today? Like I take your life today
Like I get a migraine, 'cause shit been strange
Since I was four
And I feel that once more, and I feel that once more
And I feel love-lo, lust, all my lost, when I fucked the slut
Because she didn't have enough guap
Ayy, I'm a B, I'm a-buzzin' like a beehive
Filmin', now you feelin' like a feline
Ayy, catch me with my money for the meantime
Ayy, I'm fuckin' bit', ayy
She tryna suck a dick, she fuck five guys
Meat in sandwich, I'm lucky she's on lifelines
That's the price time, man, I'm on primetime
Boxin' in the night, like Suge Knight mixed with Barry White
Fuck it, I'm a hype guy, fuck her on the sidelines
Fuck her with a bucket, KFC, finger-lickin' good chicken
When I'm high, I'm too high
And I'm comin' down from shrooms
Fuck it