"The Cave: Season 2 - Episode 2" lyrics - KENNY BEATS

"The Cave: Season 2 - Episode 2"
feat. 6lack

Woah Kenny

Watch me do this shit and not break near a sweat
Want it like I haven't had my first meal yet
If I ever really rap, it would go on the Gray Street
Whole team straight as DaBaby's teeth, stop playin' me
Undercover singer boy but rap a profession
Me and Kenny Beats is like witness protection
So don't try me or you going to jail, bitch
All head goes, no Kenan and Kel, bitch
It was just the other day in line this lady tried to skip
Said she was a Crip, let me ask Vince
Find out you lyin', we gon call Zack Fox
He gon' stuff yo' body in a tiny black box, wait
He gon' suffocate you with his mustache, ho
Yo baby mamma built like a bus pass, bro
If you a black man then you know what I know
Gotta borrow Kenny's skin just to walk to the store
Gotta have thirty references to walk through the door
Why the fuck you think I rap? It was that or sell dope
Straight from Atlanta but I came out reserved
Bound to make a splash since I jumped off the curb
Vernacular spectacular, I'm T.I. with the words
Disrespect the gang and you livin' with a curse
You ain't see a nigga care 'bout his bars this much since smack DVDs
I had EBT, that's a TBT
I'm ready for war, dressed in camo like I'm BBC
At they necks like a DDT
Ass been mad 'cause they have not
It ain't my fault you drop in age, you ass shot
New birth, head strong, coming for the throne
If you think I won't, dead wrong, Ketty Long
I'ma need some more instrumental, my boy
'Cause they couldn't hold a candle at a vigil, my boy
On wax, I get real sentimental, my boy
Made millions crying on these instrumentals, my boy
This show the bootleg Jimmy Kimmel, my boy
Hitta destroy, send a decoy, I'll prolly employ
Reverse the mission, send him back and kill for the boy
I got power, that's by my lone
Fuck up my shot, we'll get him in post
Reach for the Tommy, bet he go ghost
I know I'm a noose, get me a rope