"The Cave: Season 2 - Episode 10" lyrics - KENNY BEATS

"The Cave: Season 2 - Episode 10"
feat. The Alchemist & Boldy James

Aye, uh
Blockboy, where we at?
Let's get it
Uh, uh (Woah, Kenny)

Bitch it's concreatures, 227, all dogs go to heaven
Catch me on Stahelin sellin' drugs with all convicted felons
Melanin is on the package, I ain't even had to track it
Once it touches on meet me off at McClellan and Gratiot
All of these clucks on my lane come from selling stones
Any nigga from my hood go to jail, bet he could sell his phone
Trappin', catchin' all the action off the service drive
On North and 39th with some drugs on soft buildings
Really in a ville pitchin', never been off-fielder
East back to west my nickels, real 6ixmob nigga
Don ribbon, slappin' out the campus all my younger scoundrels
Playin' hardball, but I still pitch it underhanded
Heard he put some cheddy on my head, we erased the bet
My niggas wavin' TECs, it ain't no fader-cats
Sawyer with the laser quest, chopper with the bayonet
But in real life, I'm more sincere with the Avirex
50 slab double-ups, beat the pot out scrape the rest
Big fat monkey nuts sellin' rocks big as Raisinettes
Untethered fresh outta WC, JDF
Pussy-ass nigga ain't no steppin', you a majorette
Where we at?

I don't know, Kenny, I do this a little bit