"The Cave: Season 2 - Episode 6" lyrics - KENNY BEATS

"The Cave: Season 2 - Episode 6"
feat. Westside Boogie

We gon' act like we got, like, females singin'
Like it's the samples
Woah, Kenny
Oh, that made it real
Uh, uh, yeah
Duh-nuh-nuh, I'm just sittin' on the freeway, yeah, yeah
Yeah, so act like it's a girl singin' with me
I seem stuck, that's a sign, that's a replay, yeah, yeah
Take me down
Alright, yo, yo
Whoa, got a lil' bread, got a lil' bread
Whoa-whoa, uh

Shoutout to bro 'cause he set the stage, uh
The irony is I never cave
Bitter 'cause I never got no shot, I been wet for days
The only one to win just load manage and never play
I got premonitions of injuries, gettin' carted out
Of sculptures made from all the lanes that I been carvin' out
I look up in the mirror and say, "Tell me what that guard about?
Where you get that armor? You ain't have that when you started out"
Walkin' on a thin line of impulse and thinkin' it through
I need clout, Kenny, I might just start beefin' with you, uh
Speakin' to my demons 'cause they talkative
I break the plate that got me feedin', and all of it
It's tales, tales of my feelings gettin' buried in a ditch
See your cup runneth over, and I'm thirsty than a bitch, uh
Don't ask me 'bout my mood, I'm blackin' like my nigga 6
Speak volumes, knowin' I could come and turn it up like this
Ooh, damn, uh, I see you hurtin' like a bitch, woah
Life done whooped your ass, got you like, "Hurry, get a switch," uh
I wonder when they switch, uh
I guess you limpin' up, the reason you ain't lit, whoa, no, uh
I'm talking' to my dog 'cause they got him in the box
I hear his thoughts, so I don't, I don't do little, I do a lot
I teach him 'bout perspective, I help him get his bag
Say, "You only slept on, 'cause you comparin' niggas paths"

And I come and say, take me down
Come back with a little hook, that's hard, huh, that was fire, uh
Turnin' down somethin', some, uh
Take me down
We still imagine this girl singin'
Oh, woah, uh, drunk-drunk, drunk-drunk, uh
I love my hood drunk and high on the freeway, yeah, yeah
Uh, uh
Song goo as life, when I'm swimmin', shit on replay
Fuck Postmates for takin' niggas food
That shit ain't cool, bruh
It's lit