"The Cave: Season 2 - Episode 7" lyrics - KENNY BEATS

"The Cave: Season 2 - Episode 7"
feat. Sada Baby

The Cave, spell it with a K this time
Woah Kenny!

Got the bows from AZ, snatch your phone like JAY-Z
Swing on you like Lil Boat, punch a nigga like Lil Yachty
They say Sada do Karate with them bricks, he get 'em, chop 'em
Smoking boom-shakalaka, Okinawa lotus flower
Pop a Perc, it slur my words, got me mumbling like Boomhauer
And I fucked your BM in in your bed, what you gon do about it?
Bring them yoppas over yonder for them problems, we gon shoot about it
I had lots of problems with my mama, ain't shit cool about it
I had lots of problems with my mama, ain't shit bool about it
We can't smooth it out or make amends so I just move around it
I just prayed to God that you prepare me for my new surroundings
Woah Kenny the boolest white boy since Doogie Howser
We like Starsky and Hutch, mm, damn near Dukes of Hazard
I can prove I'm better than you niggas, I can prove I'm badder
And I'll still help you lil niggas let you use the ladder
I just stretched 20 grams on the stovetop
Cock the pistol, leave 'em cock-eyed, get him cold-clocked
Throw him off the rope, he bounce back, get him close-lined
Rosecrans hoodie, got a trap spot on Roselawn
Trap spot shut down, open up a hoe house
Got my macaroni and cheese for them elbows before I bake your ass
Bitch you work for me, you gotta hit the road or go shake some ass
Shaq in Orlando out the bando, I'll break the glass
Handover your skando, I ain't running out of no ammo
We gon shoot something, hm, nah, easy, we dump shit
We'll boot something up, hm, my niggas stump shit
Like Duke Deuce and them dawgs, hm, we on some crunk shit
Like Wu-Tang Clan, ain't nothing to fuck with
Big ape, nigga, big squad, hoo, run it up!
Big Drac' nigga, big chopper, drums hundred up
A red bandana, right side, yeah, blooded up
Them drugs wearing off, now he lame again, Buddy Love
I'm done