"Captain Save 'Em" lyrics - KOOL KEITH

"Captain Save 'Em"

[Kool Keith: talking]
All you ladies walkin' around in the club
With them fake engagement rings on
Acting like you married
The Captain is here
We shall report to the front
And all you guys acting like you real players
Who always talk behind peopla back
I never see you with no girls!
It's gettin' kinda strange, funny style
Let the Captain begin

[Kool Keith:]
White Stesson hat, fur manicure, matchin' mink
Makin' NBA players start to think, who's that standin' over there
Takin' pictures for Rolling Stone magazine with a leash on a polar bear
Sky blue suit from Milan, girls posin their executive area
Acting like they don't see me, standin in front of me
Walkin' by me three or four times
Showin me views of they Victoria Secret thongs, tryin' to turn me on
Eyewitness news interrupt the Shane Mosley fight
Just to pan in closer to my shoes
Televised, myself beyond cellular phones and business cards, I network
Make the Billboard, number one singers and rappers
People from RCA, Clive Davis net-hurt

Save 'em (save 'em)
Captain save 'em all (save 'em all)
Save 'em (save 'em)
Captain save 'em all (save 'em all)

[Kool Keith:]
Cover my face with Rayban glasses, from photographers I try to hide
Ladies with lingerie cry, 'cause I wear protection won't come inside
Places get empty when I leave
Pay butlers 600 dollars a minute just to adjust my cufflinks, and my shirtsleave
In 2003, in the double R, I lean metallic green
Professional chauffeurs over my doors
Women lust over my lyrics like basketball players
NFL teams walk up unbenouced
Excuse me! I'm talkin' to Tristar Pictures right now
Keyshawn Johnson I heard you a great football star
I'm not plastic, but I'm on a conference call
Talking to Michelle Phieffer and Ben Barene
Go down stairs to the movie theaters
Me and my old lady like the persuaders
Morrie alligators, 800 combination flavors
Countin' presidents, we stand with cash mil's, like the Miz

[Kool Keith:]
Jacuzzi bathtub, with a 24-second clock to take your panties down
If not most girls get replaced by a sub
Sent home, upscale in a limosine with a Subway sandwich and a dub
Erased from the system
I move better, collared shirt made of leather
Why would you be walking around Beverley Hills wearin pleather?
With lights, camera, action
A part of my MCing is a small fraction
Strong machines coming on Greyhound from Memphis
Girls screamin at the Captain, "I wanna be saved!"
Me and Barbara Streisand walking down the corridor, with more
(And so much to offer)

Save 'em! (save 'em)